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270 Rifle

The 270 is for people who want a comprehensive course in the essential elements of field rifle-craft, and is especially useful for hunters. Whether a novice or a shooter who wants to enhance existing skills, the 270 will challenge and strengthen your marksmanship where it really counts -- in the field. The class will provide a thorough understanding of exterior and terminal ballistics at ranges from 25 to 300 yards, and students will learn to hit quickly from standing (offhand), kneeling, squatting, sitting and prone positions. Students will hone their skills in simulators paralleling conditions in the field, with an emphasis on quick target acquisition at extended and unknown ranges. By the end of your course, if you can see it, you’ll probably be able to hit it – on demand and under time pressure.

Cost: $1567

Duration: 5 days


Ammunition: 400 rounds (no armor-piercing or tracer ammo)

170 Rifle

The 170 course is a three-day introduction or review of practical rifle marksmanship skills for field use. Whether you're interested in hunting, defensive shooting, or simply developing new field rifle skills, you're sure to learn something--and most important, take home information and exercises that you can use to continue your development. Regardless of your experience or skill level, the 170 rifle course will build on your marksmanship strengths, and show you how you can improve your technique. While novices are welcome to this course or the 5 day 270 course, experienced rifleman should be assured that the challenges ramp up quickly!

This 3 day class is a shortened version of the 5 day 270 rifle class.  170 is a stand alone class for those not having the time to attend 270 and it also satisfies the prerequisite requirement for Hunter Prep.


Cost: $933

Duration:3 Days

Prerequisite: None

Ammunition: 260 rounds of practice ammo/1 box of hunting ammo for use in the field.

Hunter Prep

Critical to the success of any hunt is making that All Important Shot. But how often do we have the chance to practice our rifle skills under anything but benchrest or straight firing line conditions? Gunsite's "Hunter Prep" is a unique course specifically designed to strengthen rifle skills for hunting applications. Making maximum use of Gunsite's 2000 acres, "Hunter Prep" is the perfect venue to get ready for that upcoming hunt, to test or tune equipment, and to just have fun in simulated hunt environments.

Students should possess basic rifle skills and will be challenged in both square range and outdoor simulators throughout the three day course. Shooting exercises include working from sling and field carry conditions, finding shooting positions that work best for you and your rifle, range estimation, operation in low-light conditions, and building speed and marksmanship under stress (buck or buffalo fever!). Other topics include practical ballistics, the Hunter's Mindset, and movement in the field.

Equipment: A rifle capable of ranges to 300 yards (sights or optics) is needed. Magnum calibers are acceptable, but calibers in the .243 to .30-06 range are ideal. At least one ammunition management device (attached to belt, rifle stock, etc.) will be necessary. Bring eye and ear protection, all ancillary gear expected to be carried on your hunting trip, including day pack, water carriers (canteen, hydration pack), range finder, binoculars, etc. Other recommended items include sunblock, insect repellant, hat, lightweight jacket or sweater, and rain gear.

Cost: $1428

Duration: 3 days

Prerequisite: 270 or release by instructor

Ammunition: 260 rounds of practice ammo, 1 box of the hunting ammo to be used in the field.

Double Rifle

Cost: Offered as a tutorial, see Training Coordinator for pricing and availability.

Duration: Client preference

Long Range Rifle

A precision rifle or sniper class, this course covers the techniques required to achieve first round hits out to 800 yards. The focus of the class is on marksmanship skills and does not include fieldcraft or a stalk.

Duration: 5 days

Prerequisite: None

Ammunition: 500 rounds match ammo (call for other requirements)

Cost: $1471

Predator Defense

Gunsite's "Back-Country Firearms Skills" class can prepare you for an unwelcomed encounter with predatory or aggressive bears, cats and other large animals in the wilderness. This intensive five day course is NOT a hunting class. The class focuses on preparing individuals for unintentional and potential deadly encounters with dangerous animals.

Students will work with both handguns and longarms, learning to manipulate both in practical field scenarios. Topics range from working and living with firearms in the field, practical ballistics for up-close defensive shooting, pre-emptive strategies and tactics, low light and night defense elements, transitioning between handguns and long arms, group defense skills, carry positions and vehicle/vessel/stock animal mounts and more.

Cost: $1648

Duration: 5 days

Prerequisite: None

Ammunition: 400 rounds of pistol ammo, 300 rounds of long gun ammo (slugs if shotguns are to be used), 25 rounds of buckshot. Ammunition management devices are suggested.

Battle Rifle

This class is designed for those wanting to receive training similar to the Gunsite carbine classes but with the use of a full caliber battle rifle like the M-14, SOCOM 16, Springfield Scout, AR-10 or FN/FAL in calibers such as 7.62 and 6.8.

Cost: $1471

Duration: 5 days

Prerequisite: None

Ammunition: 1000 rounds

AK 47 Class

This new class is an operator level class based upon the AK-47 and it's variants. It will include extensive firing drills, car, maintenance and cleaning of the weapon.

Cost: $961

Duration: 3 days

Prerequisite: None

Ammunition: 800 rounds (AK 47's are available to rent)