Directions to Gunsite

PAULDEN, AZ. 86334
Phone: 928-636-4565
Fax: 928-636-1236

We are located in Arizona off of Hwy. 89 between Mile Post Marker 335 & 336.

We are located off of Hwy. 89, north of Prescott and Chino Valley, just south of Paulden, at mile marker 335 and Rolling Hills Road. Turn west on Rolling Hills Road and follow the signs to Gunsite. We are located about 3 miles from Hwy. 89.

NOTE: Most GPS systems and map programs (for example, Mapquest) will not give you reliable directions to Gunsite.

Many of our clients fly to Phoenix, Arizona and rent a car. The drive from the airport to Gunsite takes about 2 hours. Those with private aircraft can fly into Prescott (KPRC). Commercial flights from Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix to Prescott are sometimes available.

If you are staying in Chino Valley you should allow about 20 minutes driving time to get to class. If staying in Prescott, allow 35-45 minutes.