Indiana123 Carbine Offsite

In this carbine class you will learn the special characteristics of this nearly
universal system.  You will learn manipulation, continuity of fire, use of various
sighting systems and flashlight techniques for low light conditions.   How to get in and out of many different shooting positions will be taught and practiced, along with the skill to get first round hits out to 100 yards in full daylight and low light environments.  Your “123” class will give you the basic skills to defend yourself or do your duty.  If you’ve been to Gunsite, this course is a great refresher.  This 3 day class is not a substitute for the 5 day 223 carbine class.  Many of the field exercises of the full class are not even attempted due to the compressed time schedule and lack of simulators offsite.  Our programs have been approved as IN LETB Approved Provider and AZ POST.

Equipment:  Serviceable carbine in caliber .223, 7.62 X 39, 30 cal, 30-30,
minimum 4 magazines for carbine with magazine pouches, sling (mandatory),
light mount for carbine is not necessary but handy, a bright hand held light.
Heavy duty handgun, heavy belt, holster, magazine carrier, 3 pistol magazines,
eye and ear protection that are carbine compatible.

2014 Course Dates:  Lebanon IN – Apr 4-6, Nov 7-9

Cost: $1060

Duration: 3 Days

Prerequisite: None

Ammunition:  800 rounds, 50 rounds pistol

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