556 Advanced Carbine

5561556 is the most exciting and rewarding carbine class in the world. This Gunsite Experience has been renowned by combat veterans from every theatre of U.S. operations in the last 35 years. 556 is the course for those who will settle for no less than being the master of the carbine.  Mirroring conditions from the field, pressure on the operator is increased as distance to target is decreased. Advanced manipulations, short reaction times and quick transitions to the secondary weapon are stressed in this fast-paced, hard-driving course. As the master of the carbine, you will shoot well, on the move, in any direction of travel relative to the targets. You will shoot from unconventional, but effective positions. You will experience many advanced simulator problems and force-on-force exercises. “556” is physically and mentally demanding. It is also equally rewarding.

2015 Course Dates:  Sep 14-18

Cost: $1895
Duration: 5 days
Prerequisite: “223” and “250”
Ammunition: 1,200 rounds carbine, 300 rounds frangible 5.56–150 rounds pistol,50 rounds frangible, Limited to 5.56 x 45mm (no M855 ammo allowed)

Course Application

The Gunsite Course Application can be downloaded, filled out, saved on your desktop and attached to an email, printed out and faxed to us or scanned and sent by email to karen@gunsite.com.