Advanced Tactical Problems

Mirroring Gunsite’s other advanced offerings, “ATP” is the “finishing school” for handgun operators. This is the most advanced training offered anywhere for people who want to achieve the highest level of skill. You may spend some time on the “square range” dialing yourself back in with the basics, but don’t get comfortable there. You’ll be spending most of your three days out in the simulators and in force-on-force exercises. You’ll be asked to perform at your best in increasingly complex tactical scenarios where split-second decision-making is required.  Low light techniques and tactics will be thoroughly covered and put to the test in the indoor and outdoor simulators. The exercises are designed so that you will have to perform at your highest potential.  Guided by our professional instructors, you will reach deep to become the best that you can be – proficient with the handgun and unbeatable in a fight.

Course Date in 2015:  Oct 5-7

Cost:  $1295
Duration: 3 days
Prerequisite: 499 or Expert rating in 350 in the past year
Ammunition: 800 rounds ball,  250 rounds frangible

Course Application

The Gunsite Course Application can be downloaded, filled out, saved on your desktop and attached to an email, printed out and faxed to us or scanned and sent by email to