Ladies Pistol

The Modern Technique of the Pistol, for those ladies who want to learn to be safe and to begin acquiring firearms skills prior to letting the guys know just how good they really are. These all lady’s classes are taught by world class Rangemasters and coaches.   This three-day class is the introduction to the Modern Technique of the Pistol.   This class will provide women with the rudimentary skills to manage their equipment safely and begin the learning process to protect themselves and their loved ones. You will acquire essential self-defense skills with a handgun in a safe and supportive environment. You will be introduced to the combat mindset with special attention and the opportunity to practice your skills in a variety of situations.

 Upon completion of the “Ladies-Only Pistol” class, you’ll be safe and able to recognize and avoid or deal with a real-life threat.Most women record this experience as “life changing” with newfound confidence and an identifiable loss of fear of firearms.

Having mastered the “Ladies-Only Pistol” class, you can take your newly acquired skills on to our 250 Gunsite Experience course, confident that you have all the basics for more involved course offerings.This is another class that is often attended annually for skill maintenance.  Again you must call early as we have minimum class sizes.

Watch an outdoor simulator from this class.

2015 Course Dates:  November 16-18
Cost: $1090
Duration: 3 days
Prerequisite: None
Ammunition: 450 rounds of training ammo, 50 rounds of frangible

Course Application

The Gunsite Course Application can be downloaded, filled out, saved on your desktop and attached to an email, printed out and faxed to us or scanned and sent by email to