Team Tactics for Two

Are you on “The Job” in law enforcement with a partner you work with every day?  Do you and your loved one care to COMBINE your existing skills, and expand them into a team format?  “Then, Team Tactics 4 Two” is the class for you.  This five day class will give you and your partner the skills to rapidly assess a threat to YOUR TEAM, and react accordingly.

When partners work cooperatively in a tactical situation, their capabilities are multiplied.   A two-person team can secure far more space at once, can move and shoot cooperatively and solve problems with far more security than a single person can alone.

Two Person Tactics takes shooting, moving and COMMUNICATING to a new level.  Our students learn safe gun-handling in confined spaces, assessing and reacting to multiple threats, covering fire, continuity of fire, cooperative movement, and ambush techniques.  Extensive “square range” work will be done in live fire drills on paper and steel targets to build your team’s skills.  These skills will then be applied in home invasion scenarios and car-jacking scenarios.  This course includes Force-on-Force exercises with Simunitions, and live fire in our Simulators.

Graduates of  Team Tactics will have honed their skills cooperatively, and will be able to present a unified front to any potential threat, wherever and whenever it may occur.  You’ll be able to shoot with accuracy, move with fluidity, and communicate effectively to neutralize a threat to your team.

2014 Course Dates:  Apr 28-May 2, Jun 23-27, Sep 22-26

Ammunition requirement:  650 rounds ball and 50 rounds frangible, Marking cartridge ammunition  provided

Duration: 5 days

Cost:  $1850 per person (Must register as team of two)

Prerequisite:  None

Course Application

The Gunsite Course Application can be downloaded, filled out, saved on your desktop and attached to an email, printed out and faxed to us or scanned and sent by email to