Extreme Long Range

This course examines the techniques and equipment required to engage targets from 1000  to 2000 meters.  The classroom sessions cover the fine details of ballistics, methods of accurate range finding, selection of ammunition and configuration of ballistic software.  Range sessions calibrate the rifle, telescope and ammunition into the chosen software system.  Once confirmed on the known distance range, you will engage more than 20 unknown distance targets from 5 separate locations at ranges from 1000 to 2000 meters!
Equipment requirements

2015 Course Date:  Apr 20-23
Cost: $1375
Duration: 4 days
Prerequisite: none required, LRR recommended
Ammunition:  250 rounds match ammo

Course Application

The Gunsite Course Application can be downloaded, filled out, saved on your desktop and attached to an email, printed out and faxed to us or scanned and sent by email to karen@gunsite.com.