Hunter Prep

The excitement builds continuously as the hunt date approaches.  To manage this anticipation often referred to as “Buck Fever”, we offer you that all important and critical Gunsite Experience. Here in the Hunter Prep venue you will fit and test all the gear you are going to carry into the field from your day pack and sunscreen to your rifle and ammunition supply carrier.  Critical to the success of every hunt is making that One Shot. But how often do we have the chance to practice our skills under actual field conditions? Gunsite’s “Hunter Prep” is a unique course specifically designed to strengthen rifle skills for hunting applications. Making maximum use of Gunsite’s 2000 acres, “Hunter Prep” is the perfect venue to get ready for that upcoming hunt, to test and tune equipment, and to enjoy simulated hunt environments.

Clients should possess basic rifle skills (have you completed the 270 Rifle Gunsite Experience?) and will be challenged in both range and outdoor simulators throughout the three day course. Shooting exercises include safety, working from sling and field carry conditions, finding shooting positions that work best for you and your rifle, range estimation, operation in low-light conditions, and building speed and marksmanship under stress (buck or buffalo fever!). Other topics include practical ballistics, the Hunter’s Mindset, and movement in the field.

Equipment: A rifle capable of ranges to 300 yards (sights or optics) is needed. Magnum calibers are acceptable, but calibers in the .243 to .30-06 range are ideal. At least one ammunition management device (attached to belt, rifle stock, etc.) will be necessary. Bring eye and ear protection, all ancillary gear expected to be carried on your hunting trip, including day pack, water carriers (canteen, hydration pack), range finder, binoculars, etc. Other recommended items include sunblock, insect repellant, hat, lightweight jacket or sweater, and rain gear.

This course is scheduled as a private class, dates of your choice.

Cost: Contact the Training Administrator for pricing.
Prerequisite: None
Ammunition:  260 rounds of practice ammo, 1 box of the hunting ammo to be used in the field.

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