Precision Rifle 7

This seven day class covers all the techniques, tactics and procedures used by the sniper to get first round hits on man size targets out to 1000 yards.  Zeroing, data recording, ballistics and wind reading, observation and reporting methods, spotter/sniper communications, camouflage and movement techniques, moving targets and more are covered in detail.  Students will work in sniper/observer pairs and engage more than 40 unknown distance targets from 12 different firing locations, allowing you to become truly competent in the art of ‘one shot, one kill’.

Equipment requirements

2015 Course Dates:  Aug 30-Sep 5
Cost: $2250
Duration: 7 days
Ammunition: 600 rounds Match (no armor-piercing or tracer ammo)

Course Application

The Gunsite Course Application can be downloaded, filled out, saved on your desktop and attached to an email, printed out and faxed to us or scanned and sent by email to