Indiana 160 Shotgun Offsite

160 is The Modern Technique as applied to the defensive shotgun.  You will now be in command of one of the least-understood and most prolific weapons systems available. The defensive shotgun can act as a breaching device, a gas-delivery system, an effective fight-stopper, and for hunting.  Effective out to and beyond 100 yards, the defensive shotgun’s flexibility and versatility demands a special set of manipulation skills, making it a “thinking person’s” weapons system.In your 160 you develop the marksmanship and manipulations skills that will make you the master of this potent arm. Your ability to make ammunition selection, continuity of fire, malfunction clearances and transitions to the handgun all while on the move, will keep you alive and in the fight long after others have faltered. The defensive shotgun is a demanding weapons system, but extremely effective. In the home, on the road, or on duty, the Gunsite 160 Defensive Shotgun Experience will provide you with unique skills to be the most effective with this versatile tool.

 Our programs have been approved as IN LETB Approved Provider and AZ POST.

2013 Course dates: Lebanon, IN – June 28-30
Cost: $795
Prerequisite: None
Ammunition: 100 rounds 00 buckshot – 300 rounds birdshot – 100 rounds slugs – 50 rounds pistol

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