Predator Defense

All federal agencies are invited to this instructor development class (non-law-enforcement trainers), which will focus on weapons teaching skills needed to prepare individuals working in the wilderness/field for unintentional and potential deadly encounters with dangerous animals.  This intensive five day class is NOT a hunting class.  The class is restricted to handguns and long guns. For more information on the class contact the instructor.

Firearms: One of the following: Shotgun, Lever Action rifle or Bolt Action rifle, sling and ammo management device and one handgun of choice.

Ammunition: Call for ammo information. Knee and elbow pads, eye and ear protection, as well as comfortable range clothing for the high desert of Arizona in March (spring time weather ranges between 32 to 75 degrees with possible rain or snow).

Cost: Class is offered as a tutorial.  Contact for cost and dates.
Duration: 5 days
Prerequisite: None
Ammunition: Handgun: 250 rounds Long-gun: 300 rounds (100+ rounds per gun if more than one is to be used.)

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