December Newsletter

Thanksgiving 2012 gave us a time for reflection and a vision of what we must do to prepare for the coming year.  Spending time with family and friends is energizing and getting away from the hum of everyday life is always good for the soul.

In November we enjoyed hosting three Ladies only classes and a double 250 Pistol class.  The women not only shot pistols but two of the classes included rifles and carbines into the curriculum.  The women here at Gunsite have decided they can shelve their pistols.   Carbines are more fun, much easier to shoot and their accuracy with these weapons is frightening.

December brings us several tutorials and media events as well as a full 250 Pistol class.  January 21-25 begins our training season with the first 250 Pistol class of the year.  If you are the lucky recipient of a pistol for Christmas, there is a Range Day scheduled for January 12th.  Come on out and shoot for the day with your new toy.

For some reason guns and ammunition are in high demand and if you are shopping for firearms call Susan in the ProShop before you purchase your holiday gifts as Gunsite pricing almost always beats any gun store.  The ProShop also has many new items that can be seen on our website under ‘Gunsite Holiday Shopping’.

As gifts are given and received this holiday season, the staff reflects on the gift of the Gunsite Family and what each of you means to the preservation of our most precious 2nd Ammendment.  We hope you and all your coworkers, family, and friends have a wonderful holiday season filled with joy and meaning.

We will honor 2012 pricing through December 31.    The Gunsite office will be closed December 24, 25, 31 and January 1.  All applications received over New Year’s weekend will be honored on January 2nd.

From the Gunsite Family we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a New Year full of happiness and joy.



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