February Newsletter

We are a week into February and just getting the newsletter out to our Gunsite Family.  January was a month of trade shows and conventions.  We started the month at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas.  They are not kidding when they say it is 12 miles of firearms, ammunition and related gear from every major gun manufacturer on earth.   The week after the SHOT show in Las Vegas took us to Reno Nevada and the Safari Convention International.  When we first exhibited at the SCI show, we were there to highlight our Rifle classes to the big game hunting clientele.  This year, because of the temperature of the anti-gun activists we sold more defensive pistol and shotgun classes than we did the hunting venue.  It seems that everyone, liberal and conservative alike are beginning to realize that the police can’t always be there and that the protection of our family is our first responsibility.

The Gunsite course schedule is filling rapidly.  January’s 250 Pistol class brought out many training enthusiasts filling their bucket lists and braving the cold morning air, and the warmer afternoons.  One blogger labeled the Gunsite facility “a shooter’s Disneyland”.  We love that analogy, it helps take the edge off of serious work.

Don’t miss out on the March 1-3 150 Defensive Pistol class.  Our 3 day pistol class will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday to give anyone with a busy schedule the opportunity to attend over a weekend.  There are a few slots left.

Our March 223 Defensive Carbine and 350 Intermediate Defensive Pistol classes are full but we are taking names for our wait list.   Call or email to get on the list in case an opportunity opens up for you in either of these very popular courses.

March 250 has only 7 slots left.   Get your application in ASAP to attend.    Stay two more days and learn to be proficient with your concealed carry pistol.  Following the 250 we are offering a pocket pistol class running Saturday and Sunday March 16 and 17.   This course is specifically for the smaller pistols that many like to carry in the warm weather or as a backup.  Any caliber from .22 up is welcome for this class.   Cost is $600.00 but if you are taking the March 250 the 11th-15th it is special priced at only $500.00.

We are running an Advanced Tactical Problems Pistol course March 27-29.  For all those who have graduated from 499 and want a fast paced , reality based class with a lot of simulators and force on force training, don’t miss this opportunity.  We only offer this class once every few years.

Check out ‘survivalblog.com’ for a chance to win a 250 Pistol class.  Author J.W. Rawles is an accomplished writer and friend of Gunsite.

The Gunsite ProShop has a wide variety of pistols and carbines for sale.  Ammo packages for our classes are also available.

I would like to end this newsletter on a somber tone.  We are in this battle for our 2nd Ammendment Rights together.

My deepest concern is for this country and the multifaceted attacks on law abiding American gun owners.  I would like to encourage you to vehemently oppose legislation, which may infringe upon our rights as law abiding citizens of the United States, to purchase, possess in anonymity, or utilize in a lawful manner, any firearm or firearm accessory currently available for legal sale, in the United States of America.

It is very clear that law abiding citizens are not the root cause of the sensationalized shootings that have occurred in our recent history; therefore, there is no logic in disarming those that wish to defend his or her self, family or country.  Let us not demonize firearms as the perpetrators of these crimes, and address the criminals as the true cause.  Let us not fall victim to the biased media propaganda, written and espoused by those who do not understand and do not appreciate what it means to be free.  Let us not easily forgo our freedoms due to clouded, miscalculated, emotional reactions to a horrible incident.

Citizens of the United States of America enjoy a special degree of freedom that was fought for over many years, and whose blood has been spilled many thousands of times, to protect these freedoms that we hold so dear.  This is the core of why this country became what it is.  Many of our fellow citizens, as well as me, are willing to give our blood to protect these freedoms and prevent an insidious attack on them.  We will not stand by idly, allowing our country to be dismantled piece by piece.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Statehood Day to Arizona and New Mexico, Happy Birthday George Washington, Ronald Reagan and the Boy Scouts.

Remember teach your children well.  Take a youngster out to shoot.

Buz Mills


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