November Newsletter

Our usual cheer at the end of October is met with great sorrow this year.  By now you must know that our longtime Rangemaster and friend Mike Hughes and his lovely wife Joy were killed in an airplane crash, just west of the Gunsite Administration offices on October 4th.  By the grace of God, the 150 students in the lunch area and the personnel in the ProShop and office were spared. 

 This just a day before the Gunsite Alumni Shoot, put a dismal pallor over the event.  The GAS match went on however, because that is what Mike and Joy would have wanted.  The Hopi Indians say that one cannot go onto their next life unless the folks left behind can remember them and laugh, and that is what we did.

 At the Friday night BBQ a 5th of Mike’s favorite rum, and Joy’s coca cola were shared by all.  We told stories, and reminisced about the couple we all knew and loved.  Their memorial service will be held on November 4th in the Gunsite classroom.  All are invited to attend.

 The Gunsite Alumni Shoot was extremely successful.  The scores are posted on the Gunsite website at  As everyone knows who has shot one of the GAS matches, competitors come here to learn and take a new tool for their toolbox from every stage.

This match was no different.  In Jeff Cooper tradition, the middle shooter wins the Colt Gunsite 1911.

 Classes coming up for November include our 250 Pistol class November 11-15 and our Range Day on November 16th.   Skill at arms is a perishable skill and Range Day gives any previous Gunsite (pistol) graduate an opportunity to come out to the range and shoot with an instructor for 8 hours. Basic level exercises are led by Gunsite Rangemasters and coaches in a safe and controlled Gunsite class atmosphere.

 Remember schedule your 2014 class before January 1st and receive 2013 Pricing.  Also remember the gift of a Gunsite Course offering is the best insurance you can give a loved one.

 While November is the next to last month of the year on the calendar, it is a month commemorating many good things in our history.  Here on the ranch and across all of our Gunsite Family, we celebrate:
238 years ago, Congress on the 10th established the United States Marine Corps.  Major Arch Henderson was appointed the first CMC and began his recruiting efforts in the Tun Tavern in Philadelphia.  How fitting, my Mom proclaimed when I announced I had enlisted, founded in a bar!

 Following our first Civil War (what an oxymoron, civil war?) The National Rifle Association of America was founded and the Union General Burnside was the first President.  The 17th we celebrate 142 years of being the world’s largest and oldest civil rights organization.

 On the 11th, we celebrate what used to be called Armistice Day.  Armistice Day was proclaimed a holiday by President Wilson in 1919.  Originally it was the celebration of the end of the war, to end all wars.  At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the shooting stopped.  It has been changed to Veterans Day, celebrating the contributions of Americans to freedom across our history.  So put out your flags, serve up a big meal and take a Vet to lunch then to the range for some quality time together.

 And the big one……Thanksgiving:  Always the fourth Thursday of November.  In America it began in 1621 as the Pilgrims celebrated their good fortune and the blessings of the years’ harvest.  We now celebrate our good fortunes with the gathering of our families and close friends giving thanks sharing our blessings.  Then we sit down and eat too much Turkey.

Susan is running a Holiday Special on the Colt Gunsite Pistol, the full size 1911.  From now until December 24th, these pistols will be priced at $1295. (MSRP $1800).  And…stand by for Black Friday.

 We look forward to seeing you and your family here on the ranch in the very near future.  Enjoy your family and the Gunsite family this month and remember those who will not be with us this year.

Take a vet to lunch

Take a youngster out to shoot this weekend

Safe Travels



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