Classic Books by Jeff Cooper

Gargantuan Gossip Three  Gargantuan Gunsite Gossip Volume 3 is the third and final volume of the series.  It covers the years 2001 through 2006, marking the 26th year of monthly issues of Jeff Cooper’s newsletter.  This volume is particularly interesting in that it covers the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the subsequent conduct of America’s military and cultural response.

These writings provide an invaluable insight into the mind of Colonel Cooper, one of the most original thinkers of the 20th century.This is a handsomely designed, high quality paperback, printed on acid-free paper.  600 pages 6X9


Gargantuan Gossip Two  Printed at Jeff Cooper’s request the second volume of Gargantuan Gunsite Gossip continues his commentary on the broad range of subjects originally published monthly as “Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries” and earlier as “Gunsite Gossip”. This book covers the years 1990-2000. The GGG2 has over 1000 pages, with a soft cover. By Jeff Cooper


Gargantuan Gossip 1  Gunsite Gossip was conceived originally as an alumni journal for graduates of the American Pistol Institute. Over the year it grew and has provided information, entertainment, stimulation and agitation – to shooters and to the politically aware. It provides enjoyment to like-minded shooting enthusiasts worldwide. It is neither gentle nor notably kind. On the other hand, it is both pungent and amusing. Jeff’s work curiously combines personal weaponcraft with political philosophy derived from a lifetime of study in both fields. Jeff began commentary over 20 years ago. The first volume of Gargantuan Gunsite Gossip covered Jeff’s musings from 1981 through 1989. The GGG “Gargantuan Gunsite Gossip” has been reprinted by the GUNSITE Press. This book is over 700 pages, with a soft cover.  By Jeff Cooper


SHOTLUCK  What makes Jeff Cooper’s writings so entertaining, thought provoking and insightful is the rare combination of a man who can write superbly, has experienced and sought after both adventure and the finer things in life, has thought deeply about liberty and society, who has made significant contributions in his own right, and can bring all of these together into a series of pieces that both entertains and causes one to think.
Clint Ancker’s thoughts on Shotluck

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Love, honor and family are the three themes that continually appear in this book as Jeff Cooper reflects on his past. This book is full of the adventures of a warrior philosopher. 367 pages, soft cover, illustrations. By Jeff Cooper.
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“So fill your goblet, and sit close to the fire with your weapon within easy reach. A great knight has been on a long and fabulous adventure. He is a master of the marvelous tale. And he is about to tell us his stories.” “C Stories” is a compilation of marvelous tales of adventure as told by Jeff Cooper. Hard bound, 316 pages with an introduction by Bill O’Connor.
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This is a lifetime compilation of the rifle craft. It contains all the information one might need to know about using the rifle, be it for hunting, combat or target use. This book instructs the reader while it entertains with Colonel Cooper’s tales of marksmanship, combat and big-game hunting.,97 pages, soft cover with illustrations By Jeff Cooper.
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When the first edition of “The Art of the Rifle” was released in 1997, it received glowing reviews from every quarter. Now, in “The Art of the Rifle Special Color Edition”, Cooper’s eloquent and spirited prose is matched with beautiful, artfully displayed color photographs illustrating exactly how the rifle is to be used in all kinds of circumstances. The Art of the Rifle Special Color Edition is a training manual on the use of the rifle in the field, not at the firing range. This full color reference sized edition which serves as a complement to the original edition. This special edition also contains a new preface and chapter on the Scout rifle that you won’t want to miss. Colonel Cooper has taught marksmanship for most of his adult life and in doing so has developed systems for imparting the necessary information and dexterity that lead to success. 224 pages, Color Photos, 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ hard cover. By Jeff Cooper
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Fireworks is a collection of hilarious, wild, shocking but always meaningful tales from the life of the American Firearms Legend Jeff Cooper. This book is full of anecdotes from his life and includes Jeff Cooper’s escapades in the Pacific and Africa. 192 pages, soft cover, illustrations. Jeff Cooper.
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Fireworks is a collection of hilarious, wild, shocking but always meaningful tales from the life of the American Firearms Legend Jeff Cooper. This book is full of anecdotes from his life and includes Jeff Cooper’s escapades in the Pacific and Africa. 238 pages, hard cover, illustrations. Jeff Cooper.
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This 2nd Edition of “The Soul and the Spirit” Has 35 new photographs and 23 new pages. Written by Jeff Cooper’s youngest daughter, this book traces his life from his youth in a smog-free Los Angeles, his college days at Stanford, his military service in World War II and Korea, through his pioneering efforts in weaponcraft, including the establishment of Gunsite and his current activities. Written with candor and affection, Lindy Wisdom explores her father’s life, work and relationships with an eye toward understanding the forces that shaped a man who personifies “Hero” to people all over the world. 309 pages, soft cover, illustrations. By Lindy Cooper Wisdom.
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Yukon Journal
This journal chronicles my father’s third big game hunt, undertaken in August of 1940, not long after his 20th birthday. It is a clear picture of a specific place in time and evocative of the kind of young man my father was. What struck me most was his mature ability to absorb the experience–to relish the grandeur of the scene, aside from the goal of the hunt. His writing is boyish and wryly humorous. He had not yet learned to use adjectives sparingly. His enthusiasm for every aspect of this adventure is energizing. His meticulous attention to the details of each shot and the ballistics involved is not new, but it makes me wonder just where and when it began. He calls this hunt, “…one of the most magnificent adventures I ever expect to have.” This journal allows the reader to participate in that adventure. We have here reprinted the journal in its entirety for all to enjoy. 96 Pages • 7 x 10 hardcover • 4-color reproduction of over 40 black & white photos • superb quality paper and binding materials • with samples of menus, letters, period hunting brochures, and other miscellany that make this a true treasure for Cooper fans, historians, and h
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