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Gunsite training is outstanding even when you don’t have to pull the trigger. The confidence in firearms handling capabilities goes a long way. Practice helps too.

Today, in broad daylight 3 PM MST, around 400 yards from my front door I happened upon what is in all likelihood a homicide on a well-groomed walking trail. The blood pool under the victim’s head looked fresh so the bad guy could not have been too far away. Confidence in gun handling skills came in handy keeping me calm [enough] calling in the discovery but more over I felt that if I would get in a gunfight that I would win. It was a tense few minutes waiting for the paramedics and police to arrive. I left the house yellow, made the discovery and went to the border of orange and red, ready to go red if the bad guy came back.

That is as close as I want to get to red. These things don’t happen in my neighborhood until now. Gunsite training makes all the difference in how I was able to handle the situation.

Looking to forward to Long Range Rifle class in January. Probably should get signed up for Range Day in February too.  December 2014

This past week I had the good fortune to be participating in a Pistol & Carbine Special Tutorial run by Walt Wilkinson and Chris Weare. The course was truly excellent due to the superb competence and professionalism of these two excellent Rangemasters. Everyone in the class learned at least one or two important particulars to improve their shooting and fine tune their appropriate situational awareness/responsiveness. In my opinion, for a student, it is significantly helpful to see techniques verbally described by a Rangemaster actually presented in a perfectly executed live-fire demonstration a la Walt Wilkerson. I feel fortunate to be able to learn from the superb people you have on staff.

I am happy to report that this was not the only “everything I had hoped for, and then some” experience I have had at Gunsite. This sort of persevering excellence does not “just happen”.

No, it happens because someone in charge, and that is you, Buz, dedicates his endeavors to developing and maintaining a first-rate by any standard institution that perpetuates its unique and enviable “best in show” rating year after year.

Grateful thanks and heartiest bravos to you, Buz.  October 2014

The instructor cadre was exceptional.  I have taken several courses to include Frontsight, SigSauer Academy, Combat Focus Academy and this was aby far the absolute best.  Additional kudos to Tim O’Connor who personally was a great instructor and technical mentor, and also his insistence on Combat Mindset was invaluable.  September 2014

Excellent course!  Instructors were actually concerned about teaching the student.  Many times instructors are more concerned about telling you how great they are instead of providing information to the student.  This was definitely not the case with this course.  Great job Instructors/Gunsite!!!  October 2013
This is essentially my first shooting experience and I entered the course with high anxiety.  The instructors were incredibly calm and patient and I’m leaving with zero anxiety about carrying and/or shooting a loaded pistol.  July 2013

Comments from the August 250 Pistol Class

Instructors are exceptional at handling beginners and advanced shooters all at the same time.  Regardless of shooter ability, all three instructors were excellent at fixing problems, improving skills, and getting the best performance out of each shooter.

I liked the oustanding help the instructors provided to make me shoot better.  On the first day it was a little hard but I managed.  Also, the simulators provided a helpful experience to know what to do in a bad situation.  From a 12 year old.

I came here with little to no pistol experience and found the training to be quite thorough.  The instructors built a much better shooting foundation than I ever could have found anywhere else.  The information was useful, and accurate ad the quality of instruction was exemplary.

Received July 16 from a Hunter Prep Client

When we examined the bull, I found that my first shot took him about a third of the way up the shoulder, in line with the front leg. The second hit him a bit higher in the other shoulder. The entrance from the first bullet and the exit from the second were about 6 inches apart. I credit my shooting to your instruction followed by a good deal of serious practice. You taught me what to expect and how to handle it. All I had to do was keep my head and not do something stupid. The four months of prep I put in before the hunt was invaluable when it was “now or never” time. Simply typing “thank you” doesn’t express the depth of my gratitude, but know that I’m truly thankful for the role you played in getting me a buff.

July 23, 2012 ‘250 Class’ comments:

I had zero experience with pistol techniques and drills before this course. As a result of the class I feel a lot more comfortable and confident with my abilities. I really believe it will pay off while making my dealer calls. Many of the customers we visit participate in local pistol events and I can now relate better to them.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to attend the class at Gunsite. After years of pistol shooting I found I am still learning. The instructors did a great job handling all skill levels. I felt it was the best “Team-Building” exercise I have ever been a part of.

This past week at Gunsite I experienced the best handgun training that I had received to date, as well as one of the funniest. This past week definitely took my shooting level up a few steps, and helped me build my confidence not only shooting the M&P, but being able to show and demonstrate to consumers and dealers why the M&P is the BEST handgun on the market. As with anything, the more knowledge one has on a product the better they can sell that product, this class was very beneficial in that aspect.

“My experience at Gunsite was positive in so many ways. I am new to the industry and entered Gunsite reserved and cautious. Their attention to safety and thorough detailed explanation quickly made my comfortable and eager to learn. My confidence grew throughout the week and with their direction, it all came together for me. I feel the week at Gunsite was a great experience and an essential tool that I value. My experience was so positive I can’t wait to get out and do it again.

Gunsite was a fantastic learning experience as well as team building opportunity.  I was amazed at how much I learned and how much more comfortable I am shooting and handling my M&P.  I feel the trip enhanced my skills and will make me more authoritative in my presentation to both dealers and consumers.



New Gunsite Colt 1911 (Received July 2012)

I just took possession of my new Gunsite Colt and the applied grips, it looks and feels fabulous. Tommorw I clean it then on to the range with my son on Saturday to begin my 250 best practices. I just can not say enough positive things regarding the quality of training, the hospitality of all instructors and personel and  the first rate quality of the training grounds. We are coming back in a few months for GAS, and hope to return with both sons next year for his 250 class and our 350 class. Again, thank you.


350 Pistol March 19-23, 2012

What I most appreciate is that these courses teach and the instructors don’t act like drill sergeants.  These three guys were extremely aware of the details and kept at us each time we made errors.  I was really impressed at the depth of explanations and experience we got from Jerry.  Chris and Jay were incredible additions and Chris showed us flawless form.  I feel truly fortunate I had these three instructors, they made it enjoyable.

The genuine concern of the instructors in seeing that we understood not only how it should be done but why.

The training cadre was supberb!  Jerry and Jay are as good as it gets.  Special thanks to coach Chris Sfinas for all of his patient and excellent attention and instruction.  I learned a lot from Chris that I can apply immediately.  Thanks again.

Please permit me to express my deep gratitude for your resurrection and dedicated stewardship of the preeminent firearms training Academy in the world.  Gunsite’s training cadre, curriculum, and instructional methodologies are simply without equal.  It has been my privilege and pleasure to have attended more than a dozen courses at your center.

250 Pistol March 12-16

The greatest strengths were the wealth of experience the instructors brought to the task.  The patient insistence of the instructors.  consistency of info from instructor to instructor.  Tone established and maintained by support staff.  Cost is a drawback but I believe the quality and nature of skills obtained is more valuable than the cost.  General overall tone of professionalism and competence.                 Retired Circuit Judge & Military Aviator

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